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It is never easy to find a good and Affordable Attorney of your choice. The process of seeking an attorney can be frustrating as well as time consuming. Word of mouth referrals and ads posted, in magazines and directory simply, confirm the lawyer is rich enough to pay for the cost of advertisements. This means you will also have to loose heavy amount in order to get his/her services. Moreover you are also not sure of his performance in court. A magazine ad simply suggests he is rich but it does not mean all his wealth has come from his court practice. Selecting a right legal expert who can handle your case smoothly hence is a matter of critical evaluation.

Your decision making process may also get influenced by several other, external but inevitable, factors like time money etc. May be because of limited time you can assign your case to an attorney who lives near by your place. Or to some one who is referred to you by your colleague. Equally if somebody says to you Mr. X is a good attorney and he even charges very less you are bound to think over the offer. But do you think a lawyer who somehow managed to win a case for your friend will do it again for you? Then what shall you do in that case? Do you have that much of time to go and talk personally to each lawyer regarding your case and then choose someone you think is the best?