Lease with Option

Lease with option is an agreement between you and your landlord whereby you have a choice to buy the house after you have been paying rent for it for a specific time period. But if you think that a fraud has been done to you as landlord or as tenant, and the agreement is not being followed in the way it was planned, you have the liberty to take the help of a legal expert.

If your landlord or the tenant refuses to move according to the agreement at the end of the term, you have full right to file a legal case and get justice. These landlord-tenant disputes are too common in the U.S, but due to the heavy fees charged by the attorneys, most of you are afraid of filing a lawsuit.

For filing a lawsuit, you need an expert and experienced attorney as he has full knowledge of the legal proceeding. Also, the process is too complicated and you need guidance at each step. An expert attorney has an idea about your rights as a landlord or as a tenant. We provide an expert attorney to you to help in your case at a very nominal fee of less than a dollar per day. All you need is to fill in an online legal formand our attorney will approach you within 48 hours of sending your request to us.